Comparative Negligence in Arizona Car Accidents

arizona comparative negligence

Being in a car accident can be devastating. It can leave you with property damage, a range of physical injuries, and even emotional trauma. In instances when the accident was wholly someone else’s fault, filing a personal injury claim seems straightforward, but what if you were partly to blame? Arizona comparative negligence laws allow you […]

The Role of Witnesses in Car Accident Claims

car accident witness role

One of the most important aspects of filing a car accident claim is making sure you have enough evidence to prove who was at fault. You can use various forms of evidence, from police reports to medical reports, that indicate the injuries you sustained and treatments you received. However, something many people don’t realize is […]

Recovering Compensation for Emotional Damage After a Car Accident

emotional damage car accident

After a car accident, most people assume that the worst injuries will be the visible ones that require hospital treatments and physical therapy sessions. While that’s the case for many people, you don’t want to ignore the emotional damage car accidents can cause. If you’ve been in a collision, it’s essential that you reach out […]

Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Claims in Arizona

arizona statute of limitations car accident

Arizona is a great state in which to spend time on the road. With sweeping landscapes and year-round sunny weather, you may find yourself itching to get behind the wheel. However, accidents are also very common in the state. Each year, approximately 121,340 crashes occur throughout the state. If you’ve been in a car accident […]

Calculating Damages in a Phoenix Car Accident Case

calculating car accident damages

An average of 85,970 car accidents occur in Maricopa County each year. A large number of these accidents happen in Phoenix. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons in heavily populated areas like large cities, including distracted, intoxicated, and even fatigued driving. If you have been in a car accident in Phoenix and sustained […]

Defective Auto Parts and Product Liability in Car Accidents

defective part car accidents

Car accidents happen every day. In Arizona, there are approximately 120,000 vehicle crashes each year, with 30% of these resulting in injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident, your knee-jerk reaction is likely to blame the other driver. In many cases, you’d be right. In some crashes, however, it’s not the driver who’s to […]

Arizona Motorcycle Permit Restrictions

arizona motorcycle permit restrictions

Riding a motorcycle is a beloved pastime in Arizona. There are more than 222,000 motorcycles registered in Arizona, and every year, this number grows significantly, with new generations wanting to get on the road. To ensure that only those who are qualified to ride safely actually get on a bike, Arizona requires permits and licenses. […]

The Stupid Motorist Law in Arizona is Back

stupid motorist law arizona

Few things are as scary as being trapped in a vehicle with water rising around you. But imagine that experience being followed by a fine. In Arizona, it is now possible that you’ll be held liable for driving onto a road that is temporarily covered by water and barricaded if you or your passengers need […]

Spring Training in Arizona Visitor Guide

spring training guide arizona

For baseball fans, the true beginning of spring happens in February, when fans flock to Spring Training in either Florida for the Grapefruit League or Arizona for the Cactus League. A trip to spring training can be an unforgettable and fun experience, whether you travel with family, friends, or solo: you will encounter hard-core baseball […]

Arizona Motorcycle Laws & Regulations

arizona motorcycle laws

Arizona is one of the states with the highest number of registered motorcycles — along with one of the highest motorcycle accident rates in the United States. In the Grand Canyon State, an average of 2,600 motorcycle accidents occur every year. To protect motorcyclists as well as other people on the road, Arizona has motorcycle […]

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide

motorcycle accident guide

Riding a motorcycle through the picture-perfect landscapes of Arizona can be a relaxing and beautiful way to spend the day. Until it’s not. Being in a motorcycle accident can not only cause property damage, many times totaling the bike but also lead to fatalities. Motorcycle riding fatalities are 28 times more likely to occur when […]

Lane Sharing Laws for Motorcycles in Arizona

lane sharing arizona

Arizona is a motorcycle-friendly state, and its laws reflect that. One of the latest Arizona laws that affects motorcyclists and other drivers came into effect in September 2022. Lane sharing, also called lane filtering, is at the crux of this new law. Proponents of the law claim that it can positively affect traffic conditions, while […]

Are Semi Trucks a High Safety Risk?

high risk truck

Approximately 2.97 million semi-trucks are registered in the United States, and though their drivers receive special training to operate them, these trucks still pose a far greater risk on the road compared to other non-commercial vehicles. Their large sizes and increased weights make them much more difficult to control, and as is the case with […]

Reporting a Motorcycle Accident in Arizona

report motorcycle accident arizona

Arizona’s sweeping landscape is a motorcyclist’s dream, offering the chance to enjoy soaring skies and great weather. Riding a motorcycle can, however, be dangerous. Having two wheels instead of four makes it easier for motorcycles to tip over. Additionally, not having the armature that a car has can lead to drivers getting seriously injured. If […]

5 Steps to Take Following Your Arizona Motorcycle Accident

arizona motorcycle accident lawyer

Riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, but it’s also a much more dangerous one compared to driving a car; the lack of structural protection combined with reduced visibility, exposure to the elements, and the reduced stability that comes from only having two wheels make motorcycle accidents a much more likely occurrence. With that […]

Most Common Car Accidents in Arizona

common types of car accidents in Arizona

At Gerber Injury Law, we stand ready to provide legal advice for those affected by motor vehicle accidents in Arizona anytime you need us. Our commitment to serving you extends beyond regular office hours, ensuring we’re available to address your questions and concerns whenever they arise. Our team, which comprises seasoned auto accident attorneys based […]

What to Remember at the Scene of a Car Accident

Scene of a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is one of the most frustrating, rattling experiences, and one which is fairly common, as one source reports: “In 2020, a total of 35,766 fatal car accidents occurred on roadways across the United States. Another 1,593,390 crashes resulted in injuries, and 3,621,681 caused property damage. That means a total of […]

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Surprise, AZ

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Surprise

The perfect day of riding can turn into a nightmare in the blink of an eye — an accident can leave its victim with serious personal injuries, significant financial losses, and sometimes even life-changing consequences. If your accident resulted from someone else’s negligence and left you with serious injuries, we can help you get justice. […]

Wrongful Death Claims in Surprise, Arizona: Understanding Your Rights

Wrongful Death Claims in Surprise

If someone else’s negligent conduct has caused you to lose a loved one, your family may be facing some of its darkest days and unimaginable loss. While nothing can bring your loved one back, our compassionate attorneys can help protect your legal rights after your loved one’s untimely and wrongful death. A wrongful death claim […]

Premises Liability Cases in Surprise, AZ: What You Need to Know

Premises Liability Cases in Surprise

Whether caused by a slip and fall injury, a dog bite, or a dangerous or defective condition, an accident on the property of another person or business can leave you with serious personal injuries. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, you need to understand and protect your legal rights. What are Some Common […]

Springtime Dog Bite Incidents: Liability and Legal Actions

Springtime Dog Bite Incidents

While they are considered some of our favorite companions, dogs can quickly become a source of serious personal injury when they bite or otherwise act aggressively or violently toward a victim. Dog bite injuries can happen on the property of another person, such as while you are a guest in their home, or while you […]

Victims in Gas Line Explosion

An explosion involving a natural gas pipe line and a subsequent fire destroyed a home near 11th Avenue and Fillmore on Thursday morning. One person was injured and another was pronounced dead at the scene. Fire fighters arrived at a residential neighborhood home located near 11th Avenue and Fillmore witnesses said. Fire Department spokesman Capt. […]

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Laws – Avoid Serious Injury on Your Motorcycle

Arizona is a great place to own and ride a motorcycle. The weather is typically amenable to riding, and there are plenty of beautiful sights to see. However, it is crucial for all motorcyclists in Arizona to take the necessary precautions when it comes to ensuring their safety. Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable to severe injuries […]