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Individuals use golf carts not only for golfing but also for getting around from place to place near their neighborhoods. Golf carts are also used in various workplaces throughout Arizona. However, accidents involving golf carts can lead to significant injuries. At Gerber Injury Law, we are here to help if you need a Goodyear golf cart accident attorney. We know what it takes to investigate complex injury claims, so let us get to work on your case as soon as possible.

Why Choose Gerber Injury Law for a Golf Cart Accident Case?

  • At Gerber Injury Law, we have helped clients achieve justice and fair recoveries for their injuries for more than two decades.
  • We have extensive experience handling complex injury claims, including more nuanced golf cart accident cases.
  • We handle Goodyear golf cart accident claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning clients do not have to pay us any legal fees until we recover the money they are entitled to.

How Will an Attorney Help Your Golf Cart Accident Claim in Goodyear?

A skilled golf cart accident lawyer in Goodyear can use their resources to thoroughly investigate these crashes and help determine liability. Importantly, an attorney will examine the actions of other drivers involved in the case as well as the overall design of the golf cart to determine who should hold liability for the injuries.

An attorney will also make sure that their client is evaluated by trusted medical and economic professionals who can properly value the claim. Using this information, an attorney will vigorously negotiate with any insurance carriers and at-fault parties involved to recover maximum compensation for their client.

Most Common Causes of Golf Cart Accidents

recent study found that, over a 10-year period in the U.S., more than 156,000 individuals received emergency room treatment related to golf cart injuries. Over the course of the study timeframe, the total number and rate of injuries remained relatively unchanged from year to year.

The reality is that most golf carts lack safety features such as doors, mirrors, lights, seatbelts, and a sturdy metal frame. Golf cart injuries can vary widely but often include broken or dislocated bones, severe lacerations, spinal cord trauma, brain damage, and more.

Golf cart accidents occur in a wide variety of ways. Often, these incidents are due to human error, but we often find that these crashes are caused by design problems with the golf cart itself. Some of the most common causes of golf cart accidents in Arizona include:

  • Overloading the golf cart. Typically, two or three people are enough to reach the weight limit of a golf cart. However, individuals often have five or six people in a golf cart, on top of other equipment.
  • Driving under the influence. Even though a golf cart is smaller than a traditional passenger car, operating a golf cart under the influence of alcohol can result in the same types of injuries if an accident occurs.
  • Distracted driving. Just like any other type of vehicle, operating a golf cart while distracted can result in major accidents. Some other main types of distraction include eating or drinking, talking to others, texting or making a phone call, etc.

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