Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

Millions of people across the United States rely on public transportation every day. As a result, bus accidents and personal injury are a common occurrence.

We’ve all seen the frustration that motorists often experience when they get “stuck” behind a bus. A bus is large and slow, and most motorists will do whatever it takes to go around a bus in the road.

Sometimes, this kind of impatience results in a collision and causes injury to passengers on the bus. In fact, due to the crowded nature of buses, as well as the lack of safety restraints and the fact that some passengers may be standing, higher-speed bus accidents can result in severe or catastrophic injury, such as broken bones or traumatic brain injury. If you have been an innocent victim of a bus accident in Phoenix, find out what our legal team can do for you.

Obtaining the Necessary Legal Help

With more than 20 years in practice, Gerber Injury Law could provide a skilled and knowledgeable Phoenix personal injury attorney to advise and represent you in your injury case. There are many details that must be taken into account in order to build a strong case and win maximum compensation.

This is nearly impossible without proper legal assistance, so call today to learn how our firm could help. We have what it takes to fight for the payout you deserve.

Founding attorney, Ken Gerber, has handled hundreds of trial cases during his years of practice. With such extensive experience, he could provide you with the best possible chance of obtaining adequate compensation. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck with expensive repairs and medical bills because you could not prove liability or the extent of your injury.

Call Gerber Injury Law to schedule a free consultation today. We service Phoenix, Arizona and surround cities, and can be reached at (623) 486-8300.

What Our Clients Say

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