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Golf carts are a popular means of transportation in Surprise and Peoria, AZ. Because golf carts are open, they can prove to be dangerous even at slow speeds. Golf cart accidents and two-cart collisions can cause serious personal injuries to occupants, who often do not have seat belts and may get ejected from the vehicle. Read the list below to learn more about the hazards posed by the use of a golf cart. Personal injury Attorney Ken Gerber can help.

If you have serious injuries from a golf cart accident that happened anywhere in Arizona, contact Gerber Injury Law for a free consultation. The at-fault party may owe you compensation.

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  • We have a long track record of securing positive case results. Our attorneys have recovered over $100 million collectively for our clients since 2001. This includes one $375,000 award for a bicyclist struck by a golf cart and $300,000 for a two-cart collision on a golf course.
  • We provide protection against insurance companies. We know how to deal with insurance companies when they refuse to offer reasonable settlements for golf accidents. Ken Gerber can represent clients at trial in Arizona for fair results, if necessary.
  • We make the effort to get to know our clients. We have a reputation in the community for our compassion and integrity. Ken Gerber and his associates always put the client first. Our lawyers personalize their strategies for each unique person, case and situation.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It is common to assume you can handle the insurance claims process yourself after an injury in a golf accident. Until, that is, you start to negotiate with insurance companies. Insurers often use delay and deny tactics to try to minimize clients’ payouts. The best way to combat these tactics and achieve a fair resolution is by hiring an attorney. A personal injury lawyer in Phoenix could help you go up against insurance companies in pursuit of full compensation for your serious injuries. You can have the peace of mind to focus on healing when you hire a lawyer to represent you.

Tipping Over, Cart Pileups & Collisions

Golf carts are not the most stable vehicles. Their design makes them prone to tipping over, especially on the hills and dips of a golf course. Obstacles, bad terrain (such as mud), backing up downhill, and vehicle malfunctions are among the reasons golf carts often tip over. Serious injuries can arise from a cart landing on the driver or passenger, or as a result of being thrown from the vehicle.

Multiple golf cart pileups can occur when one cart is closely following another. In such cases, drivers are at risk of whiplash, ejection from their cart, and being run over by other carts. Though golf carts may seem safe, they offer drivers and passengers little protection against collisions. When golf carts share the road with motorists and cyclists, they could be in even more danger. Car drivers may cause dangerous accidents when they fail to follow proper safety measures around golf carts, such as speeding or unsafe lane changing. These collisions often take place at high speeds and can lead to severe injuries.

Who Is Liable for a Golf Cart Accident?

After a golf cart crashes and causes serious injuries, the injured party may have grounds to file a claim to damages. A damage claim seeks financial compensation for losses related to the accident from the party at fault, typically through an insurance claim but sometimes through lawsuits. The person or entity who breached a duty of care to the victim and caused the golf accident may be liable for damages.

  • The golf cart operator. Negligent operation is a common cause of golf cart accidents. Impaired driving, for example, is common due to a misconception that passengers cannot sustain as serious injuries in a golf cart as a motor vehicle.
  • The golf cart owner. If the golf cart malfunctioned or broke down because of a faulty part, the owner of the vehicle could be liable for inadequate maintenance. It is the owner of the vehicle’s responsibility to properly inspect, repair and maintain the golf cart.
  • The manufacturing company. Some golf cart accidents occur due to part defects from the manufacturer. Golf carts with defective designs or faulty parts could malfunction while in use, such as tire blowouts or rollover accidents.
  • The golf course. If your accident occurred while driving on a golf course due to a premises defect, the owner of the course could be liable. A cracked cart path or lack of warning signs about a hazard, for example, could point to golf course liability for damages after an accident.

Third parties could also be liable for a golf cart accident in Arizona. Parties such as motor vehicle drivers, property owners and employers may share fault for a golf accident depending on its circumstances. The attorneys at Gerber Injury Law can look into your golf cart accident case to search for signs of negligence and fault. Once we identify the defendant(s), we can file a claim on your behalf in pursuit of a fair recovery.

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