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The first and most vital step you must take after an accident is to hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney. The reason this is such a vital decision is that, should your attorney fail to help you win adequate compensation, you may end up having to cover expensive damage repairs and medical treatments out of your own pocket. Financial ruin may very well be a result of such a situation. This could be avoided, by retaining an experienced lawyer from Gerber Injury Law.

Providing Legal Services for More Than Two Decades

Our firm has been in practice for more than 20 years, providing quality legal representation to residents of Peoria and Surprise, Arizona. During this time, we have handled hundreds of cases; assisting numerous people when they need it most. Founding Attorney Ken Gerber has extensive experience taking personal injury cases to trial and is capable of doing so for you, should it be necessary.

Attorney Gerber has a thorough understanding of Arizona personal injury law. Additionally, he possesses the ability to strategically build and present your case in court in order to prove the negligent party’s liability and to seek fair compensation for your injury. Without such representation, your damages and medical treatments may not be fully covered by insurance, leaving you to cover the difference.

Attorney Ken Gerber has extensive experience as a prosecutor, including years spent exclusively handling personal injury cases at trial. Perhaps you are seeking a helpful lawyer to answer your questions and assist you in negotiating compensation with the insurance companies. Maybe you need an aggressive trial attorney in Surprise, AZ to take your dispute to court. 

Contact the attorneys at Gerber Injury Law for a free case review. Send us an online message or call (602) 900-9286 24/7 to schedule your initial consultation in Arizona.


This entire series was created to help YOU understand Arizona injury law a little better. We go over a LOT of the most common injury cases, as well as share some quirky things you may have never heard of before. Definitely check us out!


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