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Premises Liability Cases in Surprise, AZ: What You Need to Know

Whether caused by a slip and fall injury, a dog bite, or a dangerous or defective condition, an accident on the property of another person or business can leave you with serious personal injuries. If you’ve been hurt on someone else’s property, you need to understand and protect your legal rights.

Premises Liability Cases in Surprise

What are Some Common Types of Premises Liability Accidents, and What Injuries Can Result?

There are various ways that a victim may have been injured on someone else’s property. For example:

  • Slip and fall injuries, such as falling on a wet floor while you were visiting a business as a customer
  • Injuries you’ve suffered while you were a guest in someone else’s home as a result of a defective or dangerous condition, such as a missing step or railing
  • Accidents at work that were due to your employer’s failure to make the workplace safe for employees and others
  • Swimming pool or diving board accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Accidents suffered by a victim in a rental property due to the failure of a landlord or property management company to make the premises safe, such as poor or inadequate lighting or negligent care of a common area.

The injuries that stem from accidents on someone else’s property can be severe and sometimes even catastrophic. They can lead to broken or fractured bones, sprains and strains, bleeding, and internal organ injuries. They may also lead to head injuries, concussions, loss of consciousness, or traumatic brain injuries. Personal injury to the victim’s back, neck, or spine is also possible, sometimes causing life-long issues such as paralysis. In the most serious cases, an injury on someone else’s property may lead to the victim’s wrongful death.

How Does Premises Liability Work in Arizona?

Bringing a premises liability claim in Arizona will require you to prove that the property owner owed you a duty of reasonable care and breached that duty—for example, by failing to warn you of a particular defect or danger on the property, or failing to clear that danger. The type of duty owed to you largely depends on your status as a guest — businesses owe a high duty to their customers and business visitors (also called invitees) to make the premises safe, while homeowners owe a lesser but still significant duty to warn their social guests (also referred to as licensees) about any potential dangers on the property.

You will also need to prove that the property owner’s negligence directly caused the injuries you’ve suffered on their property. In other words, you’ll need to prove that the property owner negligently maintained and cared for the property and that a resulting danger directly led to your injuries.

To establish your damages, you will need to prove both your out-of-pocket costs, such as medical bills, rehabilitation and therapy costs, and lost income if you cannot work due to your injuries, as well as your general damages, including your pain and suffering and an overall decline to your quality of life.

A premises liability claim will likely involve extensive negotiations with the property owner and their insurance company, and understanding insurance policies and limits will play a key part in your premises liability claim.

Without an experienced Surprise, Arizona personal injury attorney, those negotiations can quickly become arduous: the goal of the insurance company will be to keep payout as low as possible, and insurers often have large legal teams, financial resources, and time on their side in negotiating with you. There are many good reasons to consult with an Arizona premises liability attorney, who will discuss your legal rights and options with you and represent you in negotiations with the property owner and their insurance company.

Why Call Gerber Injury Law for Help with Your Surprise, Arizona Premises Liability Claim?

Premises liability is a detailed area of law with many related statutes, and it can be easy for the average claimant to make a mistake that ultimately hurts their chances of obtaining financial recovery.

Since 2001, our personal injury lawyers have recovered more than $55 million in compensation for victims and families across the state. As premises liability has long been a strong suit of our practice, we have also used our experience and extensive knowledge to recover substantial recoveries in dog bite cases and in slip and fall cases.

Whatever your case may entail, you can be confident that our attentive legal team is here to help guide you through these difficult times. We strongly encourage all injured victims to bring your case to the attention of Gerber Injury Law as soon as possible, so that we can immediately get to investigating your accident and preserving necessary evidence. Call our Arizona personal injury attorneys for a free consultation at 623-486-8300 or click here to reach us online.