Do You Need an Attorney for a Minor Car Accident?

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, even one that is seemingly minor. However, one thing that many people quickly realize after being involved in a car accident is that even a crash that may not seem severe right away may, in fact, be much more serious than they realized. It is not […]

Statute of Limitations for Arizona Car Accidents | Gerber Injury Law

If you suffered injuries from a car accident in Arizona, you may wonder what your next steps should be. You likely have many questions about your rights and the potential for recovering compensation for your injuries. That’s why it’s essential for Arizona drivers to understand the state’s limitations for personal injury and wrongful death claims. Below, the team […]

Seat Belt Laws in Arizona 2021

Safety laws are made for our own good, whether we like them or not. At Gerber Injury Law, we’re always fighting for the rights of our clients, who are many times the victims of those who have broken the law. Wearing a seatbelt isn’t always comfortable but it is the law and they keep drivers […]