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Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

Property owners have a duty to ensure that their guests and visitors are safe on their premises. Unfortunately, there are times when property owners fail to uphold their duty, which can lead to severe patron injuries. There are various ways that people can sustain injuries when they are on another person’s property. Here, we want to discuss some of the most common premises liability cases that arise in Arizona.

Most Common Types of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability claims arise in various ways throughout Arizona. As we discuss some of the most common ways that these cases crop up, please understand that this is not an all-inclusive list. If you have any questions about your claim, please reach out to a Phoenix premises liability lawyer as soon as possible.

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall hazards. Slip and fall incidents are certainly the most common types of premises liability cases that arise. These incidents occur in a variety of ways, often due to spills of food or drink, loose floor mats, loose pavement, etc. Property owners generally have a duty to ensure that all pedestrian pathways are free from known slip and fall or trip and fall hazards.
  • Lack of maintenance. Property owners have a duty to regularly inspect and maintain their premises in order to ensure the safety of their visitors and guests. There are many different kinds of building and property elements that can become dangerous if they are not properly maintained. This can include appliances, store displays, light fixtures, flooring, stairs, etc. Any known hazards must be remediated quickly, or warning signs should be placed around the hazard.
  • Inadequate security. Not all areas need to have roving security guards, but nearly every property has some sort of security measure that needs to be present. This can include windows and doors that close and lock properly, proper check-in and check-out procedures, adequate lighting, surveillance cameras, and more. If inadequate security leads to injuries, property owners could be held liable.
  • Dog bite incidents. Property owners have a duty to ensure that any pets on the premises do not pose hazards to other people. This is particularly true if an animal has aggressive tendencies or has bitten anybody before. In general, property owners will be held liable if their pet causes an injury to another person.
  • Elevator or escalator injuries. Elevators and escalators are composed of many moving parts that must be regularly inspected and maintained. In fact, the state of Arizona mandates the regular inspection and maintenance of elevators and escalators.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs. Property owners must make sure that they have fencing and a locking gate around swimming pools and hot tubs to prevent unauthorized access of children. Additionally, all areas around a pool and hot tub must be free from hazards that could cause injuries.

Can an Injury Victim Secure Compensation?

Any person who sustains an injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of a property owner will likely be entitled to compensation. This can include coverage of their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering damages, and more. A qualified Phoenix premises liability lawyer will be able to investigate every aspect of the case, determine liability, and help victims secure full compensation for their losses.