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Jackknifed Trucks and Injury Accidents in Phoenix

At Gerber Injury Law, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients over our years in practice. Founding attorney Ken Gerber is a former prosecutor, a trial lawyer, and he takes on cases with the highest level of personal commitment and determination. You deserve justice in the form of maximum financial compensation for damages. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck jackknife accident, it is advised that you contact Attorney Ken Gerber immediately. Avoid speaking with insurance company personnel or trucking firm lawyers. You will need legal protection so that you do not lose the ability to pursue the highest amount in compensatory damages.

How a Jackknife Takes Place

A big rig, 18-wheeler, or tractor trailer must be operated with a high level of driving skill or there is a real risk of jackknife. When the truck’s tractor gets out of sync with the trailer, the trailer gets out of control, swinging back and forth, (called trailer slew or swing), eventually jackknifing the truck and causing it to roll over. This is a very common type of truck accident, and can be caused by various factors. Determining what led to the jackknife is an important aspect in filing a claim or lawsuit to recover damages. The most common cause is lack of traction. The trailer’s wheels are no longer gripping the road, allowing it to swing back and forth dangerous. Slick roads or improper braking are common causes of jackknife accidents, as well as speeding, turning too quickly to avoid a road hazard or other vehicle, as well as unevenly loaded trailers. An abrupt stop, unsafe turn at high speeds, or other situation often leads to a jackknife, and those who are driving in the area are at severe risk of injury.

Who Is Liable?

Determining liability is a critical point. There could be more than one party named in a lawsuit. If the truck had been improperly maintained, the company involved in maintenance could be held liable. Was it loaded incorrectly? The company that loaded the truck may be responsible. Was the driver speeding, or moving too quickly for the weather conditions? The trucking firm may be the responsible party. It is extremely important that the details of your case are fully evaluated so that the right legal action is taken. You can be confident that our Phoenix truck accident attorney will carefully analyze the situation and file a claim or lawsuit against all of the parties involved. This could allow for a much higher settlement in some cases.

Don’t sign any papers offered to you by the trucking firm, insurance firm or other entity. Once you sign off on a settlement, you are no longer able to seek more compensation, and have released the company from further legal action. All of these issues must be managed by a legal professional that will take the case in hand and fight for justice and the maximum level of compensation possible.

Where Gerber Injury Law Steps In

Many injured people do not realize how the process of recovering compensation works. Initially, the settlement offer is low. Do you know what it should be? We evaluate your injuries, the long term impact on your life and future, and the costs involved in medical care, treatments, rehabilitation, as well as loss of wages, and estimated long term financial damages. Our Phoenix motor vehicle accident attorneys also evaluate the personal damages to the victim, including pain and suffering or loss of quality of life. You deserve to be paid the maximum possible. We will aggressively pursue these damages, and our trial skills and experience allow us to proceed to civil court or a higher court when necessary.

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