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According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, more than 100 people die in Arizona every year by drowning. Most of these fatalities are accidental. Drowning accidents can cause a great deal of pain and suffering for friends and family members, especially if the drowning was caused by someone’s negligence or lack of attention to the victim’s safety. When a person is killed in a drowning accident, an attorney that is knowledgeable in these cases could be able to help family members hold the guilty party responsible for as much compensation as is possible.

Obtaining the Proper Legal Assistance

At Gerber Injury Law, we understand that there is nothing on earth that could truly compensate for your loved one’s death. However, you should not have to pay for any services or other expenses related to their death. By proving another party’s responsibility for the victim’s safety and therefore their death, family members could receive compensation for burial costs, loss of income for the family, and general grief and suffering. The representation of a skilled Phoenix injury lawyer plays a vital role in this procedure, so if someone you love has been killed in a drowning accident because of someone else, call Gerber Injury Law immediately.

With more than 20 years of experience in handling personal injury cases, our firm has what it takes to fight for the payout your family deserves after the death of a loved one. We could help you fight for justice and hold the guilty party responsible for your pain. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment to consult with a Phoenix injury attorney from our firm as soon as possible.

Why Clients Choose Us

  • We care about families in Phoenix. Our lawyers always go above and beyond to make sure our clients know we are here for them when they need us the most.
  • We are not afraid of going to trial. If an insurance company refuses to treat your case fairly, we can take them on during a trial in pursuit of maximum compensation.
  • We have a history of success. Our law firm’s previous victories showcase some of the results we have obtained for clients. We have recovered more than $100 million since 2001.

How Do Drowning Incidents Happen?

Most serious and fatal drowning incidents in Arizona are preventable. They occur due to negligence, such as a premises that is unreasonably dangerous or a supervisor who negligently fails to keep an eye on swimming children. At Gerber Injury Law, our plaintiff’s attorneys can investigate drowning incidents for signs of negligence or fault. If we find evidence of negligence, we can build a claim to damages on your family’s behalf.

  • Failure to put a barrier around a swimming pool
  • Failure to lock a swimming pool gate
  • Failure to use a lock or security features at a hotel pool
  • Failure to supervise swimming children/hire a lifeguard
  • Failure to keep wandering children out of pools or water features on a property
  • Poor swimming pool maintenance
  • Swimming pool defects, such as a missing drain cover
  • Negligence that causes a boating accident and related drowning incidents

Many parties could be liable, or legally responsible, for a drowning incident in Phoenix. The defendant in your wrongful death claim could be the individual owner of a property, a business or hotel, a swimming pool manufacturer, a boat owner or operator, a school, a daycare center, or many other entities. Our attorneys can help you identify the defendant(s) in your particular case.

Who May File a Wrongful Death Claim in Arizona?

Filing a wrongful death claim is a privilege the courts only reserve for certain close relatives of the deceased person in Arizona. If you lost someone close to you in a drowning incident, you may or may not have the right to bring a claim. Even if you are not someone who can file a lawsuit, you may still be eligible for a portion of the recovery award if you were dependent upon the decedent financially. Discuss your situation with our lawyers for more details.

  • Surviving spouse
  • Surviving child
  • Surviving parent or guardian
  • Personal representative of a surviving family member
  • Personal representative of the deceased person’s estate

You have a maximum of two years from the date of the fatal drowning incident to bring a wrongful death claim in Arizona. This is the statute of limitations for most plaintiffs in the state, with some exceptions. After a devastating drowning incident, trust the attorneys at Gerber Injury Law to take care of legal processes for you. We can navigate filing rules and confusing paperwork while you and your family grieve and heal.

Contact a Phoenix Drowning Incident Attorney

If you lost a loved one in a tragic drowning incident, keep track of your costs and expenses. Record how much your family has lost in income, as well as what you paid in funeral and burial costs, medical bills, legal fees and other out-of-pocket costs. Keep evidence such as receipts and bills. You should also try to learn more about the incident and collect evidence of fault, if possible. Obtain a copy of your accident and/or police report, for example, and talk to any eyewitnesses about what happened. Then, contact Gerber Injury Law to move forward with a claim.

A free consultation with our attorneys can help you understand your rights after a drowning incident. We can address your legal, financial and emotional needs as your wrongful death attorneys in Arizona. Call (602) 900-9286 24/7 to schedule your case review.


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