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Victims of burn injuries often have serious physical damages that leave them with significant medical bills, lost wages and other out-of-pocket costs. They can also suffer psychologically due to the traumatic event and lingering scarring or disfigurement. If someone else caused the burn injury through some type of negligence, that person may owe the survivor financial compensation.

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  • We are aggressive. We understand what is on the line for burn injury victims. Our lawyers fight for justice as if it is our family members we are representing.
  • We can go to trial. We have licensed attorneys with years of experience handling jury trials who are willing to do the same for you if an insurance company will not offer a reasonable settlement.
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The Importance of Hiring a Burn Injury Attorney

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Injuries to the skin, such as burns, can damage bodily functions. A severe burn injury can cause not only pain and physical disfigurement but also changes to body temperature regulation, hydration and the body’s ability to fight infectious diseases. Sweat glands, skin elasticity, hair growth and many other bodily functions can also suffer due to a burn injury.

An injury as life-changing as a severe burn deserves legal representation. During an injury claim, insurance companies and other entities may try to take advantage of you to protect profits. A lawyer can stand up for you and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. A lawyer may be able to achieve an award to pay for your medical bills, future health care, lost wages, disabilities, disfigurement, pain and suffering, and the emotional toll a burn injury had on you. Your lawyer will fight for fair recovery while you focus on healing.

Types of Burn Injuries

A severe burn injury is generally in the third-degree category. A third-degree burn is the most serious. It affects not only the upper layers of tissues but also the deeper tissues, including tendons, muscles and sometimes bones. Severe burns can have complications such as infections and medically required amputations. They may need surgeries and skin grafts to treat. Four different types of burn injuries could affect a victim.

  • Thermal
  • Chemical
  • Radiation
  • Electrical

You could be eligible for compensation with any type or degree of burn injury in Phoenix. First- and second-degree burns of any kind may also require medical attention and can cost victims thousands in hospital bills and lost wages. Keep track of your treatment plan and medical expenses after a burn injury. Take photographs of your burns as they heal. Contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer as soon as possible from Gerber Injury Law to discuss your legal rights.

Burn Injuries Often Stem From Negligence

You may have grounds for a burn injury cause of action in Arizona if someone else negligently caused your injuries. If another person or party is responsible for causing a preventable accident, and this is how your burns occurred, that party could owe you compensation.

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Home or apartment fires
  • Chemical spills
  • Workplace incidents
  • Electrical accidents
  • Product defectives
  • Explosions

At Gerber Injury Law, we have experience handling personal injury, product liability, premises liability, workers’ compensation, wrongful death and other types of cases. We can handle burn injury cases across all practice areas.

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