The Dangers of Workplace Violence

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Many people assume that their coworkers are non-threatening and safe people to be around, but this is not always true. Some individuals may have a tendency to violence when irritated or angry, and instances of workplace violence are not as rare as you may think. According to, workplace violence has become all too common in today’s uncertain job market. Because employees are feeling the pressure to perform, they are often prone to overreact or to panic when another employee is getting more recognition.

Employers at workplaces should be careful to monitor any workplace bullying that is going on within the company. suggests that employers punish the first workplace bully that is discovered harshly. This may teach other workers that they cannot get away with acting harshly. If employers do not silence bullying before it gets out of hand, then this may be cause for a lawsuit. Often, injuries that are incurred at work can be considered worker’s compensation lawsuits, and bullying or violence at the office is no exception. If you are injured by a co-worker, then you may be able to seek reimbursement for all medical bills and other expenses from the company.

Other Forms of Workplace Violence

In addition to physical violence, you can seek compensation if there are sexual harassment lawsuits, emotional damage lawsuits, and discrimination lawsuits. All of these different workplace issues may fall under the umbrella of personal injury depending on your circumstances. Workplace violence can be anything from a slap in the face at the office to an instance where a person purposefully pushes someone else into a slippery puddle, causing a slip and fall accident. If you want more information about workplace violence and litigation, then discuss your case with a lawyer at Gerber Law. A personal injury attorney at the firm will be able to help you by providing information on workplace violence and determining whether or not you have a case.

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