Increase Car Accident Insurance Claim in Phoenix Metro Area

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In the aftermath of a motor vehicle incident, it is imperative that certain steps are taken and certain actions occur if you wish to come away with a substantial insurance claim for your injuries. These items are critical in determining how much your insurance provider will pay and how much is deserved. Here are a few of the necessary activities that should occur:

Immediately Following Your Accident

Probably the most critical time in your personal injury case is in the moments following the incident itself. Always write down the name of anyone and everyone involved in the crash as well as any witnesses to the accident. Later down the road, their testimony could be the determining factor that gets you maximum compensation.

It is also essential that you take photographs of your vehicle, the other person’s vehicle, any traffic signals or signs, the intersection, and anything else that may have played a role in causing the collision. Not only should you document the accident, but any bruising or wounds should also be photographed as soon as possible so that the judge or insurance provider can see the immediate aftereffect if the case goes to court.

Within the Week After the Incident

Visit a doctor as soon as possible and be very clear with them about all of your symptoms, and pain. They could also be used as a witness to the severity of your injuries later down the road. Always inform your physician of any previous bodily harm or damage you had before the accident. This way they know your medical history and can more easily diagnose any problems. If they are called upon later to testify or report to your insurance company about your injuries, they must know the complete story otherwise it could jeopardize the likelihood of receiving compensation.

One of the most important things that you can do to achieve the financial help you deserve is to hire an accomplished car accident lawyer. It is highly recommended that you obtain an attorney before you speak to your insurance carrier. This is so that the representative can thoroughly investigate and gather evidence on your behalf, revealing to your insurance company that this is a serious issue. They will be much more likely to hand over your payment and may even give as much as double as what they would normally dole out.

Talk with our knowledgeable and competent legal team if you have been a victim of an auto accident at the hands of a negligent driver. We can work with you and your insurance provider to find an amicable solution. Having obtained over $55 million for past client settlements, we are confident in our abilities. Contact us today!

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