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Between 20 to 50 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents each year. More than half of all traffic accident-related deaths occur among the age group 15-45.

What do I do If I have been injured in a Car Accident?

I do not feel any pain after the accident. Am I OK?

Vehicle accident victims are sometimes like athletes that get injured during a game. The player continues to play without noticing the injury for days and sometimes weeks after a game. During an accident, the body generates adrenaline and sometimes endorphins that can mask the pain of an injury. There is simply no way to predict what your future will be in regard to pain and suffering from a car collision.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident

What to do If you are in an Accident

Even the best defensive drivers can find themselves the victim of an accident. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your car accident, get the information of the other driver and a Police report if possible. Take photos of the accident scene with your smartphone including potential witnesses.

Car Accident Checklist

  1. Call Phoenix Police.
  2. Notify your Emergency contact.
  3. Get Driver’s license and insurance information for all involved drivers.
  4. Seek Emergency Medical Treatment
  5. Do not speak to the other Driver’s insurance
  6. Contact Gerber Injury Law

Getting a Settlement Check


It is important that any costs of future medical bills and physical therapy be included in your settlement if you have sustained an injury in an automobile accident. Pain and suffering are sometimes considered depending on the circumstances. A car accident is about as serious as it gets in regard to personal injury and you are going to need legal representation. Call Gerber injury law now and meet with Ken Gerber as soon as possible.

Call Gerber Injury Law

Car accident lawyer Ken Gerber to represent you. Insurance companies can take advantage of victims with no legal representation. Get the compensation you deserve by hiring the best Phoenix Law Firm to represent you with no upfront fees. We win when you win.

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