What If I Don't Want To Sue?

Interviewer: So Ken, a lot of my friends say, look, I’m not the type of person who sues. I don’t even want to be in a courtroom. I don’t even want to waste my time. I got a life. So what do you say to them?

Ken Gerber: I say I completely understand. You know, suing’s not for everybody, and as an injury attorney, that’s not something we want to do every time. We want to look at every case as it comes to us. We want to look at the client, we want to look at what we need to pursue, and what we need to get them. And we need to individually tailor everything that we do for that client. Most people don’t sue. Most people don’t have to sue, and we don’t want to do it that way. But we need to get everything we can for our clients, and we need to do it the best way possible.